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5 Presentation Tips Speakers Can Learn from Runners

August 4, 2015 / Blog

Did you know that presenters can be runners too?

While most speakers focus on making successful presentations, they hardly notice how running a marathon can teach them about reaching their goals.

You may have finished preparing your PowerPoint slides and your message for your audience. But before doing it, consider these five reminders to achieve your objective as a presenter:

1. Realize That Your Plan May Fail Sometimes

Whether you’re a rookie or seasoned presenter, it’s impossible to give a flawless presentation. While you should aim for the best, unexpected circumstances may happen while you’re presenting.

You’ll get disappointed if you won’t accept the few mistakes you’ll encounter in the process. Though failures are difficult to admit, you can still learn from them and improve yourself.

2. Be Passionate

Before participating in any marathon, runners ensure that they have enough energy to perform and complete their task. As a presenter, you can emulate this by playing to your passions.

Make sure you’re physically, mentally and emotionally prepared before you start to appear more enthusiastic; it makes the audience feel the same way.

3. Maintain a Steady Pace

While it’s effective to give your best at the start of your presentation, you should keep it up until you finish.

Maintaining a constant pace during your presentation sustains the energy you have. This helps avoid losing your momentum and prevents you from boring your listeners.

4. Take Time to Practice

Rehearsing is still the best way to develop your skills and improve your performance. Just like runners, both effort and discipline are needed to be the best.

The same qualities apply when you present. To enhance your abilities, spend more time to practice and concentrate on how it helps you.

5. Have Fun

Enjoy what you have accomplished during the pitch. While it’s important to succeed in your presentation, remember that your priority is all about meeting your audience’s needs.

Understand that running the process of your presentation is just as important as achieving your main objective.


Remember that since mistakes can happen, you need to accept and learn from them. Nevertheless, be passionate with your pitch and maintain a constant pace when speaking to your audience. Taking time to practice this while having fun with it will help you get positive results when you present.

Consider these things the next time you speak and expect how it benefits you and your audience.

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