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3 Tips to Consider for Successful Trade Show Presentations

January 19, 2016 / Blog presentation tips, public speaking, Rick Enrico, sales person, SlideGenius, strategy, trade show

3 Tips to Consider for Successful Trade Show Presentations

Trade shows are sponsored events attended by professionals from various industries, all gathered to demonstrate their products and services to potential customers. Exhibitors don’t only get the chance to showcase their offerings in public, but they also get to face new business opportunities and build stronger relationships with their target market.

Do you want to take your brand to the next level? Here are some things to accomplish before the big day:

1. Map Out Your Strategy

Planning is key to any successful presentation. Skipping this stage opens you up to failure. Though speaking opportunities could come in short notice, you can avoid disappointing your audience or embarrassing yourself by planning ahead. According to marketing expert Jamil Bouchareb, having a set goal in mind as you prepare helps fine-tune your presentation.

Llisting down your objectives, identifying your target attendees, and choosing an appropriate booth location is as important as crafting your pitch because it lets you think of interesting ideas to achieve your business goals with less hassle.

Before you participate in any trade show presentations, put your objectives in place and know how to capture your client’s attention.

2. Think Like a Salesperson

Rejections are common to most sales professionals, but despite this, they still choose to focus on winning the client’s heart. Selling products is easy, but convincing consumers to purchase your offering is a serious task. This motivates salespeople to persuade their target market and develop good relationships with them.

Think like a sales professional who would make a big effort just to achieve positive results. Believe in yourself and in your products so that you can give them valuable statistics and credible information about your company’s strengths to help you achieve your desired outcome.

3. Provide Relevant Information

Identifying your objectives helps you draft a relevant outline for your pitch. In trade shows, you don’t need to share all the details about your business. A brief explanation of what you do and what you can offer is enough, especially with the limited time given.

Give your audience an overview of your product to boost their interest. Tell the crowd how your offering would benefit them by clearly explaining what you’re trying to say. Eliminate filler words, choose the right word instead of fancier but less-specific synonyms, and show relevant data whenever possible. Don’t forget to highlight your best product benefits to make it more appealing in a shorter amount of time so that they pay more attention to you throughout your pitch.

Summing It Up: Sell Your PowerPoint

Aside from informing your target audience with your brand offerings, your goal is to build connections that will eventually convert into sales.

Careful planning, thinking like a sales professional, and providing relevant information lets you accomplish your objective with flying colors. If you’re in doubt, our PowerPoint professionals can assist you with a free quote for your next deck.



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