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Presentations Created

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We Solve The Problem of Missed Presentation Deadlines

Reliable Presentation Design Partner

Reliable Presentation Design Partner

SlideGenius is the leader in corporate presentation design. We’ve created over 5,000,000 slides for over 4,000 clients across the globe.

Reliable Presentation Design Partner

Global Design Coverage

More than 100 SlideGenius employees provide global coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week… and we turn most rush projects in less than 72 hours.

Reliable Presentation Design Partner

Professionally Trained Staff

The exclusive SlideGenius academy is an advanced course all our designers take that elevates them above any other designer out there. Put your project in the hands of the very best.

Additional On-Demand Design Services

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Motion Graphics
& Video

Here at SlideGenius, we design and animate videos to electrify your marketing materials. Videos are increasingly influential due to their shareability and values in brand exposure. Create a lasting impression with the power of dynamic video animation.



Your audience is more likely to remember images and videos. Without a visual component, they may not end up as engaged, especially when you’re talking about complex data.

Infographics combine copy and graphics, significantly improving your online presence, especially on social media… but only when done right. SlideGenius expertly creates infographics to meet your needs.

Executive Summaries

Print Design

Put your message in the palm of your audience’s hand. SlideGenius designs can be designed for breathtaking printed collateral that keeps your story alive and well after your presentation is over.

Printable Pitch Flip Books

Presentation Books

You have a lot to say. Printable presentation books are an excellent way to encapsulate everything in one asset. Let SlideGenius design it so it’s a book they want to read over and over.

Presentation Examples That Deliver Maximum Impact

Custom Professional Executive Presentation Design

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