3 Questions Your Online Presentations Need to Answer

There are plenty of reasons you should include presentations in your content marketing strategy.

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Online presentations have the potential to become exactly the type of content users are gravitating towards today. If you re-purpose your slides properly, you can create a highly visual, dynamic, and engaging experience for a wider audience.

But there’s more to great online presentations than adding more visual elements and animations. Without a speaker to explain the finer points, your online presentations need to speak through the screen. Before you upload your deck to SlideShare, Brainshark, and other presentation sharing websites, make sure your online presentation can answer the following questions:

Are you addressing your target audience?

Online users spend about 10 to 20 seconds browsing through a web page. They practice the “screen and glean” method, skimming fast to make sure it has what they’re looking for. If they skip over your online presentation, it’s likely they’re not coming back to it again. You need to make an impression right then and there. How do you capture attention in a matter of seconds?

Make sure you’re clear on who you want to address. Fashion your headline and title slide in a way that lets your target audience know that you’re speaking to them. Avoid anything generic. Instead, lure viewers in with unique images and witty headlines.

There’s plenty of “Top Ten Tips” type of content out there, but few that are specifically meant for your clientele. According to startup guru Mark Evans, if you’re familiar with and have properly defined your target market, this part won’t be difficult at all.

Are you giving them what they’re looking for?

Getting users to view your online presentations is just the first step. You also have to maintain their interest until the very end. If your slides can’t answer their questions, they can easily click “X” and move on to another page. To make sure they don’t stray, you need to immediately establish that you have the answer they’re looking for.

Make sure the goal of your presentation is clearly defined before you delve into the main body. That way, your target audience knows that the presentation they’re viewing holds exactly what they’re looking for.

Are you clear on a Call to Action?

A Call to Action is important to any presentation, regardless of its medium of delivery. Your online presentations must have a proper CTA to let your target audience know what you want them to do next. By reaching the end of your presentation, you’ve successfully enticed and engaged their interest. Don’t let that impact go to waste without properly defining an action you want them to take.

Online presentations are an effective way to address your target audience. Make sure your slides can speak through the screen by following these tips.

You can also try turning your presentation deck into a scrolling web pitch to give it a more interactive dimension. Contact us to schedule a free consultation today.

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