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Explainer Video: Building Your Finance Company

Explainer videos can effectively sell your financial services to interested clients. Consumers have become more digitally savvy than ever. It’s essential for marketers to deliver content that speaks to them directly. These videos inform consumers about your business in an easily understood format. At SlideGenius, we help clients make themselves...

Building the Explainer Video Your Advertising Agency Needs

Explainer videos are excellent tools for advertising agencies to attract new partnerships. As internet-based channels are becoming the dominant marketing platforms, consumers are eager for original content that engages them directly. Explainers allow you to influence potential clients by educating them on specialties of your agency in an easy-to-understand format....

Explainer Videos: Building Your Manufacturing Business

Creating an engaging explainer video can attract new customers to the unique services of your manufacturing business. As internet-based channels are becoming the dominant marketing platforms, consumers are eager for original content that speaks to them directly. These videos allow you to influence the purchasing decisions of consumers by providing...

Explainer Video: Building Your Software Business

An explainer video is the perfect tool for helping people see the value of your software. These videos show how it works and envision themselves using it. At SlideGenius, our designers create unbelievable presentation materials from PowerPoint to animated videos. Explainer videos are an area of expertise for us. We...

What Makes a Killer Sales Presentation?

Sales presentations play a crucial role in growing your business. Having a well-crafted deck is an absolute must in landing new buyers, business partners, and investors. However, despite the proven results of good presentations, many professionals still idly neglect the effort to make an effective sales deck. At SlideGenius, we’ve...

Tech Presentations: Generating Leads for Writing Projects

Creating a PowerPoint presentation to fund your tech start-up isn’t easy. What’s too much information? Is it easily understood? More importantly, will it make anyone want to invest in your efforts? At SlideGenius, we’ve been helping technology and software companies create successful presentations for years. We know how hard it...

The Power of Language in Your Presentations

Imagine life without language. Hard, isn’t it? When you’re giving a presentation, whether it’s to raise money, making a sales pitch or just helping people to learn more about your business, the words you choose are everything. Language is deeply ingrained in us, intertwined with our beliefs, culture, identity, and...

Determining Your Brand’s Identity

Brand image is everything. Customers prefer companies they identify with. Your brand image is the fastest way for customers to connect with you. At SlideGenius, we’ve been working with clients since 2012 to develop their message and reach customers while staying within their established brand identity. Relatability fosters trust, which...

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