Get Creative and Customize Your Own PowerPoint Templates

Tired of the using the same default PowerPoint templates for all of your presentations? You can use the Slide Master function to create your own PowerPoint templates. With these easy steps, you’ll be able to customize the different features of your presentation. Set unique designs for your background, font, layout, and color scheme according to how you see it in your head.

What is the slide master?

Before you start your own PowerPoint templates, you need to familiarize yourself with PowerPoint’s slide master function.

You can call the slide master the leader of all your slides. Any changes you create in its format will be applied to every slide in your presentation. If you change the title font from Calibiri to Cambria, the title font for the rest of your slides will change as well.


To enter Slide Master view, click on “View” and then choose “Slide Master” among the different Presentation Views.


Get creative and start customizing your own PowerPoint Templates

Once in the Slide Master view, you can begin to customize your PowerPoint template through options located in the ribbon.


You can choose from the different color palettes under “Color” or you can create your own by choosing “Create New Theme Colors”. Whatever palette you decide to go with will dictate your choices of colors for the background. Don’t worry, you can still choose to customize your background by clicking “Format Background” for more options.

slidemaster06 slidemaster04

If you’d like to change your current layout, you can choose to add placeholders. The placeholder is designed to hold specific types of content such as texts, pictures, and tables. Choose any of the slides under the slide master. From there, click “Insert Placeholder” and select from the options in the drop down box.


There you have it!

When you’re happy with you’re your design, exit from the Slide Master view. Save your creation by clicking the “File” tab and choosing “Save As.” Give your unique PowerPoint template an equally unique file name then save it as a “PowerPoint Template”.


Keep tinkering with the PowerPoint Slide Master option and you’ll never have to settle with the same default templates again. Once you get the hang of using the slide master, your customized PowerPoint templates might just give you the edge you need for your next presentation.

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