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Our team at SlideGenius is always exploring ways in which we can effectively help our clients expand their marketing efforts once our initial presentation services are completed. Last year we began a service called SlideMagic which provides professional animation, voice services and even music to standard PowerPoint Presentations. The result maximizes your current presentation and investment into an online marketing machine.

PowerPoint + Animation + Voiceover = Online Selling

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SlideGenius PowerPoint Design Solutions for Business

SlideGenius is a company that provides services and solutions for PowerPoint design. SlideGenius is the leading provider of PowerPoint solutions. SlideGenius’ PowerPoint design team has won several awards which include the third place in “SlideBoom’s Worldwide PowerPoint design contest”.

The CEO of SlideGenius is Rick Enrico who stated that they are big fans of the extensive platform capabilities and expansive features of Slideboom. This was the reason why Slideboom became the ideal solution provider for them. The Power Point presentation which SlideGenius has created for their client MatrixMT got them in to the Slideboom contest. That presentation was about best of breed SEO marketing services and the animation flow. The PowerPoint for SlideGenius, which won the third place, was designed and developed by Richmond Pagaduan, the lead designer, who has been using PowerPoint for about 2 years.

Headquartered in San Diego, SlideGenius designs and creates Microsoft Power Point solutions for small to mid – sized to large companies who want to improve their presentation, marketing efficiency and sales results.

The “Slideboom Presentation Contest” was held from May 18th, 2009 – June 21st, 2009. The participants submitted PowerPoint presentations on Career, Education, Business and other subjects. This contest is a launching pad for small and mid – sized companies to show case their creative potential. SlideGenius was one among them and won  3rd place.

The SlideGenius team has over twenty five years of experience in providing appealing PowerPoint presentations for several clients. The pitch deck specialists at SlideGenius understand that making a good first impression is the key to getting the business deal. Therefore, the experts at SlideGenius will spend quality time and effort in creating a highly engaging and attractive presentation to create the maximum impact. This will reduce the weight on the speakers shoulder by a big extent. If you need a professional PowerPoint presentation in a very short period of time, then SlideGenius will be able to create it for you before your deadline.

The services provided by SlideGenius are:

Presentation creation

Customization of branded template

PowerPoint Animation

Pitch Deck Creation

Video and audio file integration

Custom designs

Pdf, print friendly, locked presentation and original versions are available

Presentation consultation

The PowerPoint creation team at SlideGenius are highly experienced and create presentations that contain video files, sound tracks and are interactive. The video files can explain the products by displaying it on the screen, the sound tracks can explain the important features and making the session interactive will arouse the interest of the audiences.

SlideGenius Creates Professional PowerPoint Designs

SlideGenius provides many useful services in creating an effective and attractive PowerPoint Presentation. We have the best and most experienced team of PowerPoint designers, in the US and the overseas, who will be working with you.

A good PowerPoint presentation will impress your business partners and clients and get you the deal whereas a bad one will not only cost you the deal but may also put your job in jeopardy. SlideGenius creates professional PowerPoint designs that will impress everybody sitting in the room.

There are several great ways to use Microsoft PowerPoint. You can make displays, videos, sounds and even animations. PowerPoint animation utilizes custom animation, slides and drawing tools which can be used to make your business presentation more effective and interesting.

Custom Animation is a sequence of effects which is applied to one or more objects in the PowerPoint so that the slide show is animated. These functionalities come under “Custom Animation”. It can also be done by using “Visual Basic for Applications” or VBA. The experts at SlideGenius will use the best of this technology to make an animated slide show for you according to your needs. We also use another feature called, “Animation Trigger”. This creates objects that will get triggered when they are clicked.

At SlideGenius, we make your PowerPoint effective by integrating video and audio. Video files are available in several formats. However, only 3 of them work well with PowerPoint:




If you give us the video and audio files we will integrate it in your PowerPoint presentation in key places so that your audiences will be impressed.

We also offer power point consultation services. PowerPoint presentation is a major form of marketing your product, today. If it is not done properly then you will repel your customers. We have a professional team which will help you create the PowerPoint presentation that will hit the mark.

“Call to Action” phrases will capture a quick response, only if embedded in the right slides. Some examples could be:

Offer Expires on 10/11/08

2 weeks only!!

Call now!

Free consultation – First 10 customers only

Limited Availability

Such phrases if inserted at the right places will attract a large number of people. Our expert team will decide which calls to action are suitable for your business and insert them in the right places.

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Professional Presentations in PowerPoint

One of the most important things for businesses is a professional presentation. It can be a very effective tool for your business, partners and clients about your business plans or your ability to do business. However, there are several factors which should be considered when you are making a business presentation. The most important factor is: how well the presentation is designed to convince the clients to accept your business proposal. The other determining factor is the content of the presentation. Other factors include a good atmosphere and how understandable the presentation is.

Our experts at look in to every aspect and make your presentation very convincing and to the point. We make sure that you leave the right impression with the client so that you can get the deal.

One thing that can make your presentation more interesting is “Background Pictures”. By including pictures to represent the content of your presentation, you will make a better and stronger impression. Though the right picture at the right place will create a better impression, the wrong picture will be devastating. Your potential client will get confused and therefore your presentation will not get you the business deal. You need to carefully consider the size and type of your pictures and the color of the fonts used for text. The background color is extremely important to attract the attention of the audience. The font size and color should be readable when used with the background image. Don’t use colors which make it difficult for your audiences to read because your audience will not put in any extra effort to read your presentation.

We at will take care of all these aspects when our experts create the presentation for you. The images provided by you will be strategically set in the right places using the right colors.

One way to make your presentation look and feel better is by using a template. It will set a good atmosphere for the people reading your presentation. Our experts will use the right template to make the environment right for you to give the PowerPoint presentation. If you are not happy will the preset templates, then our experts will custom design a template that is suitable for your business. By choosing the right type of template you will be able to create a good first impression which will give you a step forward in the business deal.

Given below are some points to create an effective PowerPoint presentation which is followed by our experts.

Keeping it Simple

A simple PowerPoint design which explains the important points, well is a better presentation than one that contains a whole lot of graphics. In fact, your audience will get bored if you make your PowerPoint presentation complex.

“Sea of Text” Syndrome

Pictures speak louder than words. Therefore, including pictures at the right places will make your PowerPoint presentation effective.

Easy to Read Captions and Titles

When text is used, you should use it correctly. Use simple titles and captions so that your audiences don’t get startled.

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Transform Your Presentations with Expert Design – SlideGenius PowerPoint Pros

PowerPoint presentations and business conferences are successful only when presenters or hosts convey their messages effectively. Powerful PowerPoint Design Templates will make your presentation impactful even before you start talking. With the right design, your audience, including business partners and clients, will stay engaged and focused.

Often, clients attend multiple presentations in a day. Even if your content is impressive, a lackluster design can make them lose interest. A well-designed PowerPoint is essential for capturing and maintaining audience attention.

Why Design Matters

The experts at SlideGenius create custom designs tailored to your company’s needs, allowing you to focus on delivering your message. The design should complement the content and purpose of your presentation. For instance, a medical presentation benefits from a calming, professional theme with ample white space, which can capture audience attention from the outset.

Consider the seminar setting when designing your presentation. A detailed, well-designed slide deck ensures your message is understood clearly and effectively. Leave the design to the professionals at SlideGenius, so you can concentrate on delivering valuable content.

Benefits of Professional Design

Professional designers ensure that your presentation:

  • Is free from cluttered bullet points.
  • Uses contrasting colors and text that stand out against the background.
  • Features large, readable text for all audience members, even those in the back row.
  • Avoids overuse of animations.
  • Maintains logical transitions between slides.
  • Has a balanced, aesthetically pleasing design with adequate white space.
  • Utilizes graphics instead of bullet points to clearly convey information.

Why Choose SlideGenius?

At SlideGenius, our experts handle all aspects of PowerPoint design, including legal issues related to design templates, saving you time and money. We ensure your presentation is designed to respect and engage your audience, proving your professionalism and dedication.

Let SlideGenius create your next presentation. Focus on your content, while we ensure your design captures and holds your audience’s attention.

A Professional PowerPoint will Help you Sell More!

PowerPoint presentations together with all the bells and whistles are increasingly used in business and other venues where presentations are given. Do you know that PowerPoint presentations that are professionally designed increase your revenue? It does not matter what kind of business you are in, a professionally designed PowerPoint Presentation is an effective tool to win over your prospects. People retain and comprehend more when they are able to hear and see the information. Therefore, a professional PowerPoint will generate higher revenues for your business.

PowerPoint is the latest technology that is being used in the business world to drive sales by explaining their services and products to their prospective clients using it to present slideshows. With PowerPoint a multi – dimensional sales pitch can be created and then, duplicated and sent to several locations where it can be explained to prospective clients by good speakers. These professional PowerPoint presentations can also be emailed to your clients or can be integrated with your web site, if your company owns one, for all visitors to see. Putting static text is not even 10% as effective as a PowerPoint presentation that contains carefully designed presentation of sounds, images and animation.

Most businesses that don’t use a professional PowerPoint presentation don’t realize its power to convey information. Professionally made PowerPoint presentations will have all the things such as a premium design, pictures, text and so on, in the right place to produce a strong impact. Professional PowerPoint presentations may be automated and they will contain Excel and Word components, interactive controls, embedded sounds and special effects to make your presentation more appealing to the audience.

Three characteristics of a Professional PowerPoint presentation are:

Video Files – Used to increase sales and revenue, by visually enticing the potential buyer. To make this possible the professional PowerPoint presentation will contain flash, MPEG, WMV or QuickTime video files. These will be inserted in key places throughout the presentation.

Sound Track – Sound is important to motivate your potential clients to purchase from you. Professional PowerPoint presentations will have embedded sound tracks that will be played at the right times. They may also have a sales dialogue embedded in them as this is more effective than text because readers may miss some important points visually, but pick them up through means of audio.

Interactive Experience – Professional PowerPoint presentations make the seminar interactive which is more productive and increases the sales of your product.

A PowerPoint presentation created by a novice is extremely boring and misses the important points. But, a Professional PowerPoint presentation will be exciting and interesting. The audience will be drawn to you from the time of displaying the first slide till the time you say “Thank You”.

Our expert team at SlideGenius will ensure that your presentation is exciting, motivating, interesting and interactive. It will contain video files, sound tracks and many more components that don’t allow the audience to take their eyes and ears off you.

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