Presenting in Seminars

Impressions are everything when presenting, whether you’re giving a seminar or creating a webinar. Memorable pitches require effective presentation skills and impressive designs. In this video, SlideGenius CEO and Founder Rick Enrico will give you expert advice for your next discussion. To learn more, read up on how to make great impressions with PowerPoint.

Video Transcript: They say that image is everything. If you’re hosting a seminar, you typically are spending a good amount of marketing dollars just to fill the room. Once there, it’s always wise to remember two key components of the pitch: Number one: Have visual representation. If you plan on just getting on the stage and not providing visual aids, you’re missing out on maximizing impact. Why? Because 83% of what we learn as humans is done visually. Number two: Invest in a great PowerPoint presentation. Too often we see seminars being held with awful bullet-pointed clip art slides. The speaker may as well have just shown up in flip-flops, shorts, and a tank top, because that’s the image that is left with the audience of himself, the brand, and his organization.