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Educational Videos

Explore our library of educational videos that go over presenting, PowerPoint, and general tips and tricks.


Make Your Presentation Clear & Concise


Maximizing White Space


Knowing Your Audience

CEO Videos

Helpful advice from our CEO at SlideGenius, Rick Enrico. Learn how to pitch like a pro, design presentations that put you ahead of the competition, and create a compelling core story to captivate your audience.


Design In a Venture Capital Pitch


Every Business Needs a Core Story


Everything is Presentation

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Investment Raise Toolkit

The Investment Raise Toolkit

This free 20-page guide will teach you framework environments to make the most of your capital raise presentations.

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Definitive Guide

The Definitive Guide to Designing Business Presentations

This free 43-page guide will teach you how to leverage PowerPoint to make the most of your business presentations.

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