The Last Mile

Having trouble closing those deals? You may be neglecting an important element of the modern sales process: the presentation deck. When the stakes are high, a PowerPoint template can only get you so far. A well-designed set of slides can get you through the last mile, giving your sales effort a big boost towards success. Watch our CEO, Rick Enrico, talk about investing in a custom-designed marketing pitch. For more about effective presentation tips and effective PowerPoint designs, check out our blog.

Video Transcript: Presentations are the last mile in sales process. Every day, we see businesses spend a tremendous amount of money in sales, marketing, branding, and collateral, just to get the meeting. Too often, we forget how important a custom, well-designed sales presentation is to the sales process. Salespeople are good storytellers, not designers. By providing them with just a PowerPoint template, you’re doing them, and your organization, a huge disservice. Sales executives need the support and the tools, just like a pro golfer needs a caddie to win the US Open. Sure, there’s a chance that a prodigy could pull it off, but the margins of that happening is incredibly small, and I wouldn’t take that bet. My point is, when your brand matters most and the game, deal, or your job is on the line, a well-designed presentation is a wise investment.