Everything is Presentation

You need effective presentation skills to sell your brand. Everything you do should showcase your company at its best. In this video, SlideGenius CEO Rick Enrico shares expert advice and presentation tips about keeping your PowerPoint deck, your company website, and your after sales in shape. For more information, see the complete presentation checklist.

Video Transcript: Presentation is everything. Everything is a presentation. Every interaction your team or organization has is an opportunity to impress: your website, your collaterals, your products, how you dress. These are all examples of presentation. A good CEO or division leader looks at all the areas of the business where a customer is receiving the touch point and continuously refines the experience of the interaction. A well-designed PowerPoint presentation is essential, both internally selling yourself, and also externally in the sales process, and even well after the sale is won, with continuous visual communication for the life cycle of the client relationship.