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Improving Graphic Design

Free eBook: The Marketing Agency’s Guide to Improving Graphic Design Processes

One of the coolest parts about working at a marketing or advertising agency is the opportunity to work on multiple and diverse projects simultaneously. However, it also presents one of the biggest challenges: ensuring your teams are producing high-quality deliverables when so much is being balanced. This rings especially true for agency design teams.

This guide collates everything we’ve learned as a high-output graphic design agency about streamlining design processes so design teams can fire on all cylinders.

An in-house design team can save up to 40% of your costs if managed effectively.

The barriers keeping your agency’s graphic design team from producing exceptional, inspired results may have everything to do with how they’re managed—not their capabilities. In this guide, we explore six tactics agencies can harness to maintain both high output and quality.

1 Balance Ownership with Collaboration

2 Run with One Concept Instead of Jogging with Several

3Avoid “Big Reveals”

4 Use the Best Tools

5Know When to Outsource Projects

6Know There’s Always Room for Improvement

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