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Mastering Data Visualization for High-Stakes Presentations

Hey, Chief Marketers:

Are You Getting Data Visualization Right?

As a Chief Marketer, you understand audience engagement is paramount to campaign success.

Well, heads up: Whether for marketing or corporate communications, presentations are no different—and data visualization is one of the most important ways to inspire audience engagement. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most overlooked.

Done correctly, data visualization is more impactful than words and standalone numbers, and more meaningful than graphics and images alone. Ready to dive in?

Help your audiences digest data with visualization that’s on point.

How the data in your presentation is visualized could mean
the difference between your audience understanding your key
message or not. This guide will help you consider the intangibles
and measure them against the purpose of imagery to get a real
understanding of what effective presentation data visualization
looks like. It explores:

1 The contextual presentation of data

2 Using data to tell a story

3 Reinforcing authority through data

4 Perfecting visualization

5 Taking a macro-to-micro approach

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