Design for a Venture Capitalist Pitch

Venture capitalists have seen more presentation pitches than you can imagine. So how do you get through to them for a successful and productive meeting? You need to create an effective pitch deck with an engaging and relevant narrative. Watch our CEO, Rick Enrico, talk about fitting together the different aspects of a great venture capitalist pitch. Need more pitch deck presentation tips from experts? Check out our blog.

Video Transcript: When presenting to venture capitalists, there’s a balance of having too many effects and animations, which can cause people’s eyes to start to glaze over. After all, they see more pitches than a major league catcher. A good presenter masters the narrative and has every build and slide transition within their head. So the PowerPoint deck just serves as a backdrop to the story and narrative you’re explaining, all of which fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. Ideally, from the moment that you walk into their conference room, you have their attention, and you want to hold that attention, with their eyes locked on your eyes, and your eyes going from one person to another, and you want to maintain this state until the end of the meeting.