Frequently Asked Questions


How to deliver Feedback

The preferred method of feedback in written form (either in email or in the notes or comments section of the PPT). In the event we do need additional calls we’re more than happy to accommodate them, but please note calls are billable and still require written feedback to review prior.

What do I expect to review on the Creative Call?

checkCreative Direction
We will be discussing the overall look and feel of the project with you. If you have reference material our team would love to see it! Knowing both what you like and (sometimes more importantly) what you don’t like can help us achieve the optimal result quickly!
checkPresentation Format
Are you going to be presenting in Full Screen (4:3) or Widescreen (16:9)? Don’t know? A great tip is Full Screen is ideal for printing and Widescreen is great for presenting on a television or projector. You can still present with Full Screen, you will just have black bars on each side to fill out the screen!
checkComputer Platform
Are you on a PC, MAC or both?
checkProject Timeline
We’ll discuss a timeline to provide the presentation. This will include both drafts, revisions and the final version.
checkSlide Count
We will reconfirm the total amount of slides we’ll be working on.
checkPowerPoint Version
What version of PowerPoint are you on? If you are unsure, click here to find out.
checkAssets and References
This is any creative collateral that you may be able to provide if you haven’t already. This includes: Brand Guidelines, Pre-Existing Title and Template, Logo, AI files, Digital Asset libraries etc.
checkBudgeted Hours
Our team has likely provided you an estimate – we’ll review and ensure that it still holds after reviewing the creative elements of the presentation.

Calls Billable

Please note the preferred method of delivery is in written form. Calls are billable and we still require written feedback prior to scheduling a feedback call. If you are unable to provide written feedback we can scribe your notes for an additional fee.

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