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Our team at SlideGenius is always exploring ways in which we can effectively help our clients expand their marketing efforts once our initial presentation services are completed. Last year we began a service called SlideMagic which provides professional animation, voice services and even music to standard PowerPoint Presentations. The result maximizes your current presentation and investment into an online marketing machine.

PowerPoint + Animation + Voiceover = Online Selling

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We’re Hiring!

Are you a talented PowerPoint Designer in need of work? is hiring in San Diego. We’ll also consider remote candidates. Send us your portfolio to resumes(at) is seeking a PowerPoint Presentation Designer

Description of Work:

You will be creating PowerPoint presentations for screen, print, logo and web. Thorough knowledge of PowerPoint, Photoshop and Illustrator is essential. Flash and web skills a plus. Applicant must have a strong portfolio and be fluent in high end PowerPoint presentation design, animation, charts and other technical aspects of the program. We are currently looking for presentation experts on a project-by-project and part-time basis.



Candidate Qualifications:
– At least 2-3 years professional graphic design/PowerPoint presentation design experience
– PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator skills
– Portfolio required

The Importance of a Good Presentation

The importance of PowerPoint presentations cannot and should not be underestimated. These simple but important presentations have revolutionized the way meetings are being conducted and how ideas are conveyed. Gone are the days when presentations were made using whiteboards and markers. Those were the days when audiences were bombarded with countless number of texts and unimpressive graphs. By the end of it all, they left the meeting with little or no recollection of what had just been presented. This all changed with the entry of computer presentations, particularly PowerPoint. Nowadays, presentations using PowerPoint has become commonplace in not only the business world but also in learning institutions.

SlideGenius, a company that is based in San Diego, California has years of professional experience providing captivating and high quality PowerPoint presentations to a wide variety of clients. The company recognizes the importance that clients place on their presentations, thus it has invested in a team of experienced PowerPoint specialists, who clearly understand the importance of making first impressions. The PowerPoint presentations created by SlideGenius have enabled small, medium and large organizations to attract and convince potential customers towards their services and products. With SlideGenius presentations, potential clients are able to comprehend business proposals at a much faster rate compared to using other presentation tools.

SlideGenius understands that PowerPoint is a tool like any other. The important thing that will make presentations stand out and produce the desired result is the way the tool; in this case, the Microsoft PowerPoint is being used. Majority of those who use PowerPoint presentations have failed to make a positive impact with the audience mostly because they use text intensive presentation slides that do not fully utilize the potential offered by PowerPoint. Most of these presentations continue to use default templates that do not bring out the desired features of the business, meeting, idea being presented or the product being marketed.

At SlideGenius, PowerPoint presentations are created as either individual slides or a complete presentation that is able to make any presentation memorable and effective. In addition to this, rather than utilizing boring and outdated templates, the company’s professional designers are able to utilize catchy and interesting templates, images, fonts to match the message and the product or service being presented. SlideGenius, understands that client’s needs are different and therefore it offers clients the opportunity for their presentations to be personalized. This enables the clients to send relevant messages to the audience.

With SlideGenius, the PowerPoint presentations will not only capture the audience sense of sight, but will involve their sense of hearing. The visual and audio presentation provided make it easy for the audience to understand, enjoy and remember the presentation long after it is over. Furthermore, the presentations are designed in a printer friendly manner allowing clients to get copies of the original presentation and give it to the audience. Better yet, clients can also be given PDF versions of the presentation, which they can easily email to potential and existing clients. Powerful and effective presentations have been known to increase sales by up to 25 %. With the efficient service provided, SlideGenius is the perfect source of PowerPoint presentations for businesses and individuals who want to make a positive impact with their presentations.

PowerPoint Design Specialists SlideGenius Adds BringIt To Client Base

San Diego, CA – June 13, 2009 – SlideGenius, one of the fastest growing Microsoft PowerPoint solution providers, announced today a strategic alliance with one of the hottest online gaming companies, BringIt.

SlideGenius’ PowerPoint design specialists plan to integrate BringIt’s unique offering into SlideGenius design elements in order to offer BringIt’s Investor Group an advanced visual representation of BringIt’s superior technology.

”SlideGenius’ PowerPoint pitch deck design team will allow BringIt to effectively communicate and refine our messaging, with the SlideGenius’ team we expect to increase our current investment opportunities significantly.” said Woodrow Levin, CEO, BringIt, Inc.

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SlideGenius is passionate about combining PowerPoint presentation with the effectiveness of online video and tying it all together with detailed refined animation. Their mission is to continually change the way the world looks at presentation interactivity and how to productively leverage visual representation. The SlideGenius philosophy consists of “Customized PowerPoint Pitch Deck Solutions”, an environment that educates, motivates and develops individual solutions to achieve and obtain measurable, realistic goals while optimizing their client’s chance for a successful and results driven presentation experience. SlideGenius currently operates a presentation development studio in San Diego, California.


About BringIt

Are You Looking for a Pitch Deck?
View Our Amazing Pitch Deck Examples!

BringIt is an innovative and unique consumer gaming site where video gamers can put up money to challenge other players to matches, play their favorite games, and earn money by winning. BringIt provides a safe, secure environment for gamers, allowing them to take on players of comparable skill and compete in videogames for cash. Through the service, gamers can elevate their skills and play legally for real money against friends or other gamers in their skill rank under a wide variety of game and match options. Registration is free and player funds are maintained in a secure account they can access at any time. BringIt works with any online‐capable gaming platform, and games for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation 2 are currently supported.

SlideGenius Expands Leading PowerPoint Presentation Design with Addition of Search Engine Experts MatrixMT

San Diego, CA – May 20, 2009 – SlideGenius, the leading provider of Microsoft PowerPoint Design services and solutions announced today that it has been selected by MatrixMT as the agency’s PowerPoint design team.

Based in San Diego, SlideGenius is the top designer of PowerPoint presentations— SlideGenius plans to integrate MatrixMT’s best-of-breed Search Engine Optimization marketing services into SlideGenius design elements in order to offer Matrix clients with the leading PowerPoint presentation design.

”We evaluated all of the major PowerPoint service providers before selecting SlideGenius,” stated Nadav Wilf, CEO of MatrixMT.  “SlideGenius’ expansive features and extensive design capabilities made them the ideal solution for our needs.”

The partnership represents an innovative step forward according to Jeff Smith, Co-Founder and CTO of MatrixMT.

“Agencies such as ours are leveraging design companies like SlideGenius and are no longer waiting for others to solve presentation problems—they’re using their services expertise to develop on-demand presentations that integrate best-of-breed animation and design technologies for their clients,” said Smith. “We’re honored to be partners and we look forward to being a part of their innovative solutions for years to come.”


About MatrixMT

Based in La Jolla, CA, MatrixMT helps clients increase sales, optimize marketing investments, and strengthen relationships through integrated, search engine optimization and link building that powers marketing solution. Top leading traditional and online agencies have partnered with MatrixMT to offer integrated search engine and link building solutions to their clients worldwide.  For more information, please visit