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Professional PowerPoint Designers and Cost-Effective Results

PowerPoint has become a standard in today’s business communications. It’s used in any type of industry, from startups to big-scale. Although it helps convey messages, professionals tend to use this tool by following a standardized format: stagnation.

A stagnant medium means everything looks the same. Everyone starts to rely on templates, and no one stands out. While PowerPoint’s user-friendliness makes it easy to create slides for any type of presentation, that also makes it more susceptible to uninspired decks.

However, there are some experts in the field who are equipped with the proper skills and knowledge to pull off a stunning deck for their clients. Availing the services of these professional PowerPoint designers can help you rise above the rest. Here’s why:

Professional Slides Make You Look Good

A team of dedicated and experienced designers, copywriters, and marketing consultants give you the best presentation deck possible, ensuring you always look your best. Designs are custom-made to suit your company’s needs, while still being in line with your image and branding.

With this important responsibility off your shoulders, you can breathe easily and concentrate on your responsibilities as the presenter.

Save Time and Money

Having a professional team means you can get your slides whenever you need them.

If you’re usually in charge of making your own slides, you can instead put your efforts into something more productive. If you’re in charge of a team, you won’t have to disrupt the process or wait for a member to be free to start your deck.

Having to occasionally design presentations in-house disrupts an employee’s regular workflow. According to Demand Media’s George Root III well-planned task delegation is necessary for more efficient work output. This means that you need experts in the specific fields for faster, optimized work.

Outsourcing a team of professionals on standby means your people can concentrate on what they do best: working to further improve your product or service. With disturbances gone, office efficiency is boosted, saving both time and money.

Increase Returns

Nothing beats output done by experts. When you hire professional PowerPoint designers, your presentation’s quality will always match that of your company’s, allowing you to convert more opportunities into revenue and making your business grow.

Amazingly well-made decks ensure consistent positive feedback, maximizing returns for you and your company.


No matter how good of a presenter you are, you’ll always need a presentation deck that reflects your skill and talent, as well as those of your team and your company’s brand message.

Though they have become too standard for their own good, PowerPoint presentations are still your gateway to effective business communication. Hire a professional PowerPoint designer now and make your business stand out.

Still unconvinced? Contact us now, and let our team of professional PowerPoint designers change your mind.



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How Much is a Professional PowerPoint Design Worth?

“How much will a professional PowerPoint design set me back?”

We hear this question a lot. Because of the program’s user-friendliness and the misconception that substance trumps design, presenters often misuse PowerPoint and come up with slides that bore their audience to death. The presentation tool has been constantly evolving and coming up with new features to make creating a more engaging deck easier even for the most unversed users.

At the same time, the cost of investing in one expertly-made deck can reap plenty of returns. Let’s talk about what you can get for three different pricing selections, from low to high.

Budget-Friendly (USD 1,000 to USD 5,000)

A budget-friendly presentation design is ideal for businesses with limited funds. This affordable package fall into two categories—a simple redesign of an existing deck, or a completely new yet bare-bones deck.

You won’t get subpar quality despite its low price range. You’ll still get the best out of your content, and a fleshed out deck states your purpose and speaks for your brand. However, don’t expect a lot of flourishes, animations, or additional branding advice

A professional PowerPoint design is an investment. Don’t settle for less.

If you’re ready to go to the next level, the next price point might be more appropriate for your needs.

Fine-Tuned (USD 5,000 to USD 15,000)

As most clients’ choice, it’s a versatile service that meets most business needs, big or small.

More slides cost more time and effort. The wider price range has a bigger chance of optimally meeting your presentation needs. Costs in this price range depend on the amount of copywriting, design, and multimedia efforts you’ll request. If you need more, you’ll get more.

Have a bigger budget than this? Let’s go above and beyond the usual presentations and dive into the best of the best.

All-In (USD 15,000 to USD 50,000)

This range includes multi-deck projects and large decks with more than a hundred slides. You get a lot of value with expertly-designed slides that don’t pull any creative punches while maximizing both graphical and written content.

If you’re a start-up looking to break the mold, this package provides a complete branding overhaul that exceeds a standard PowerPoint deck’s limitations. You can also get a library of custom-designed ready-to-use slides. Get your money’s worth and more with this great investment. All it takes is one big push to get the ball rolling.

You need to spend money to make money. Talk to a presentation specialist and find out what best fits your need for a professional PowerPoint design. Contact us now for a free quote!



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