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The Art of Persuasion: Delivering a Persuasive Sales Pitch

Influence should be your main concern when it comes to speaking before an audience–may it be consumers, employees, teammates, or potential investors. Your goal is to make an impact big enough to either change your audience’s opinion or strengthen an already existing point of view. The point of an effective...

Survive Your Presentation Info Run with Teamwork!

Creating a compelling business PowerPoint requires more resources than you think. To convince your investors, you need sales and market data from your accounting teams. Thoroughly pitching your products requires having to talk to your sales and marketing divisions. Meanwhile, you’ve got to coordinate with your creative teams to make...

Why Listening Is the Most Important Communication Skill

When was the last time you had a decent conversation? While some say that communication is “talking to” people, others would argue that a simple change of preposition can mean a world of difference between one-sided ranting and healthy dialogue. Try “talking with.” Hearing and listening, as is often said,...

PowerPoint as a Communication Tool When Rebranding a Business

Every company experiences a rut. Perhaps it’s because of the ever-changing world, technology (and the lack of desire to adapt), and/or a new management. It may even be the work of external circumstances. A strong yet underhanded competitor, maybe? If this happens to your company, don’t lose hope. There is...

6 Ways to Effectively Communicate Ideas at Work

That brilliant idea you have that can significantly change the way things work in your office is useless until you communicate it to someone who can bring it to life. However, pitching an idea to a colleague is easier said than done. It’s not easy to explain a concept to...

How Printed Handouts Benefit Your Business Presentation

While most presenters focus on making effective PowerPoint presentations, handouts are also essential tools for clearly understanding topics. Handouts aren’t suited for all situations like inspirational talks, for example. Business presentations, however, require more complex information and data. In this case, provide your audience with hard copies that summarize your...

Three Powerful Ways to End Your PowerPoint Presentation

How you end your PowerPoint presentation is as powerful as the first few minutes of your speech. Calls-to-action let you leave the room on a high note, but as leadership trainer Bruna Martinuzzi suggests, there are other ways to close your discussion with a bang. Most presenters end a PowerPoint with...

Using Inclusive Words to Connect During Sales Presentation

Apart from creating an effective PowerPoint sales presentation, a powerful way to connect with your audience is to use inclusive words. More than content, visuals, and performance, your listeners want you to show that you care about them. According to keynote speaker Kristin Arnold’s book, Boring to Bravo, inclusive pronouns such as...

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