Professional PowerPoints: Dealing with Negative Feedback

Hearing praises about your work boosts your self-esteem and inspires you to be a better speaker.

However, there may be times that any one of your professional PowerPoints falls short of your audience’s expectations, exposing you to harsh critiques about your pitch.

Criticism is hard to handle, especially when it knocks your ego down. But all types of feedback — even negative ones — can help you improve and become a better speaker.

Here’s how to handle negative feedback positively:

Learn from the Negative

Don’t take negative feedback personally. Treat criticism as your door to growth and improvement.

If pictures are developed from negatives, so are you. Stop looking into the rearview mirror, and focus on what’s ahead of you. Move forward and learn from those mistakes.

Mold the feedback into something constructive to foster effective change rather than solely concentrating on the critique itself.

Consider the Source

Sometimes, the feedback we get can be taken as hurtful insults and attacks on our person. These unconstructive comments may be hard to take in at first, but don’t let them deter your progress.

Consider the person who’s criticizing you and understand that they don’t have the same mindset as yours.

Feedback isn’t one size fits all. Ignore the bad comment and don’t let the insult stay with you. Also be aware of whether you’ve offended or angered a client or not.

Read between the lines and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are they concerned about? What are the key issues?
  • Why are they reacting this way?
  • What did I say that triggered them to give negative feedback?

These will help you digest the comment and understand where your critic is coming from. Always be mindful in how you engage the audience to avoid provoking anyone as much as possible.

Maintain Professionalism

Taking feedback too personally creates a hurdle between you and your audience.

Keep an objective stance on the issues being raised to save your professional image. Take a few seconds to breathe, evaluate the situation, and avoid reacting outright.

Your audience seeks not only credibility but also a sense of professionalism. Reply to them with all kindness and confirm that you are on the same page.

Thank them for sharing their input and create a safe space where both of your arguments can meet.


Letting go of negative emotions in response to hostile feedback is difficult at first, but accepting or rejecting critique is your choice to make.

Welcome your audiences’ criticism to improve yourself as a person and as a presenter.

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