How to Introduce Your Product for Sales Presentations

A sales presentation is like an elevator pitch that introduces your product to potential customers. Making a favorable impression can be difficult if you fail to convince clients about the value provided by your products.

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Incorporate a unique selling point during a product launch.

Your main goal is to establish credibility, so leverage your brand and obtain a positive response from your target market by introducing your product in the best way possible.

Translate Features into Benefits

Sales Presentation

Sales Presentation

Every product feature answers these questions:

What’s the size?
What’s the price?
What does it offer?

These details let you briefly explain the technology you’re selling.

Citing product features alone won’t convert your audience into prospective clients.

Don’t let them ask, “What’s in it for me?” Rather, make them say, “That’s what I’m looking for.”

Instead of pondering on the “what,” focus more on why they should get your product.

Understand the current market situation and give them answers that solve their problems.

Anticipate Objections

Audiences always have something to complain about. Anticipate the possible objections that they’ll raise.

Victor Antonio, a world-renowned keynote speaker and trainer, noted that pricing is one of the biggest objections in sales presentations. He sidesteps this issue by cleverly jumping into the solution: “Instead of hiding it, say something like, ‘Our prices are typically higher than our competitors and there’s a reason for that and I want to explain it to you.’”

List Down Previous Clients

Prove your product’s effectiveness—include a slide showing how well your product has worked for existing customers. Articulate your offering’s advantages with testimonials stating how your previous buyers have from it.


Convincing an audience isn’t as easy as simply throwing information at them. They’ll always object to at least one point, and it’s your job to prove that you’re still the solution to their problems.

When introducing a product, offer a summary of important facts, key features and benefits, and answers to anticipated objections. Put them together and you have a winning combination for a successful sales presentation..

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