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Boosting Your Body Language for Better Presentations

Preparing the content of your deck is only half the battle in delivering a presentation. You can have the most beautifully designed and eloquently written presentation in history, but if your public speaking skills are not up to snuff, then it will be all for naught. Your body language can tell a different story.

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As the saying goes, “it’s not about what you say, but how you say it.”

Simply put, delivering a good presentation takes demonstrating good body language. Presentation experts will tell you, beyond simply knowing your content, it’s important to be able to show confidence and relatability in front of your audience. When your body language complements your content, then you’re sure to deliver a great presentation.

In this article, we’ll tackle the key aspects of body language that will boost your presentation skills to the next level.


Whether you’re sitting down or standing up, how you carry yourself greatly affects the entire mood of your presentation. You never want to be caught slouching, as it makes you look lazy and unprofessional.

Maintaining an upright and open posture presents a confident and charismatic stance to your audience. It also makes you feel more confident.

A good tip is to loosen up before your presentation. It’s meant to release all the nervous tension that may cause you to stand or sit in awkward positions.

Eye contact

Perhaps one of the most neglected steps in presenting is establishing a good connection with the audience.

The stronger the connection, the more receptive your audience will be to what you’re presenting. The quickest way to develop that is with eye contact. It sends a subtle message that you are paying attention to them, making you deserve their attention.

It may seem like a small detail, but it also subconsciously tells them how confident you are in your presentation.

Facial expressions

While we’re on the topic of connections, remember to be aware of your facial expressions.

When it’s appropriate, you’ll want to smile as much as possible. No one enjoys sitting through a presentation from someone who looks like they do not want to be there.

Remember that audiences tend to mimic or feed off the emotions of the presenter facing them.

With a smile on your face, you have the power to uplift the room you step in front of.

Gestures and Movement

As the presenter, it’s your mission to keep your audience engaged. Incorporating hand gestures and movement can be what makes the difference between a dull presentation and a captivating one.

Think of your arms and legs as storytelling tools. Hand gestures add emphasis to your speech while movement along the stage can guide the attention of your audience. And like any tool, you must handle these with care and precision. You need to strike a balance in your use of gestures and movements so that they come off as part of your natural motions and not overly rehearsed.

While presentation styles may vary from person to person, body language is universal. It’s a form of communication that speaks beyond words and potentially adds to the impact of your presentation.

To presentation specialists, using subtle hints in body language is an invaluable skill in communication and public speaking. With enough practice, you’ll be instinctively using your body language to deliver more dynamic presentations.

To learn more ways to elevate your presentations, you can contact us anytime! At SlideGenius, it’s our passion to design exceptional PowerPoint presentations. We believe that good business starts with a well-made presentation.

Let us handle the designs, while you can practice on your delivery!

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IG Worthy: How to Market Your Food Brand

People are obsessed with social media. For better or worse, social media has shaped how we communicate and share experiences with the world. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have enabled all of us to be content creators in our own little ways. When it comes to content, nothing gets eaten up quicker than food.

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Open Instagram and check out the millions of photos and videos devoted to #foodporn. It’s both satisfying and torturous to look at. But it begs the question, why are people so obsessed with posting food pictures online? It’s simple, really.

When experiencing something that makes you happy, why not share it on social media? And food makes everyone happy.

This obsession has fully reshaped marketing strategies of the food industry.  This article is for all the up-and-coming restaurateurs and food start-up CEOs looking to make a digital impression. Use these marketing tips help to feed into our social media obsessed world.

Mix in a dash of personality

It’s a common buzz word these days, but a brand personality is absolutely crucial if you want to get your food business out of the oven.

Depending on the type of guests you wish to attract, these personality traits should dictate how your brand will be perceived both online and in-store.

Is it stylish, wholesome or adventurous? The personality that you create should allow for customers to interact and resonate with your brand.

Take Sweetgreen as an example. The company has built an empire centered around living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The brand is equally stylish and wholesome. Their consistency in messaging across all platforms ensures that a clear voice speaks out and attracts many like-minded consumers. Today, they foster an ever-growing community of green-obsessed customers who constantly crave their delicious products.

Cooking up quality content

Because there is no shortage of food content online, standing out takes a bit of extra spice. That’s why food photography is treated like an art form.

A well-made food shot can get anyone to instantly stop their scrolling and drool for a few moments.

Treat your brand’s feed like a digital buffet table for your audience’s eyes to feast on. Having beautiful visual content is a great way to provide just a small taste of what you have to offer. Get people craving your food even before they step into your store.

Serve up new experiences

People are constantly looking for unique experiences that are worth posting on their feeds. That means, in the connected world we live in, everyone is potentially your biggest critic. That reality is equally exciting and terrifying. So, how can your brand deliver on an experience that’s worth talking about?

You hear the term “Instagramable” a lot lately. These days, it’s not enough to simply cook food that tastes good.

Your brand must look great as well. Aesthetics are an experience on their own and will get people buzzing for their phones. Whether it’s a stylish interior design piece, creative packaging or unique plating, a restaurant’s image is as important as it’s ever been.

By combining a flair for aesthetics and design with skills in the kitchen, you have an opportunity to deliver new twists to the food industry that will get people gushing over your brand.

Whether your business is in the stage of conceptualizing, sourcing or marketing, the food industry will always be our digital world today requires that you be as equally savvy with social media as you are in the kitchen.

By understanding what people are hungry for online, you can boost your brand to be at the top of their minds as soon as their tummies start to grumble.

Are you pitching to investors? Give us a call! We offer 24/7 PowerPoint consultations. Our team of professional presentation designers are ready around-the-clock to transform any deck into a business-defining masterpiece. We’re here to help your brand grow!

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