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In our pursuit of growth, we’ve decided to expand and provide our services to a larger audience. We haven’t changed our ways—we may be getting bigger, but we’re still offering the focus of a local company.

SlideGenius Brooklyn PowerPoint Design office
Brooklyn presentation designers

Work For Us

At SlideGenius, we’re a team of designers and collaborators with a shared love for storytelling. We employ co-creative process, which means we stay in touch with our clients throughout the project, making sure that everything we do is in accordance to their specifications.

If you share the same passion, we invite you to become a part of our growing Brooklyn family! By being a part of our team, you help set the standards for design and storytelling, as well as strengthen our belief of people over profits. We strive to surround ourselves with people who grow our hearts and minds, not just our bottom line.


Work Hard

We want you to challenge yourself with every project—find areas you need to improve and get better

Play Hard

We know how to have fun. We employ a healthy working environment that not only boosts productivity, but encourages you establish positive relationships with your teammates.

Join Our Team


Do you have a knack for design and storytelling? Don’t miss this opportunity—work with us and let’s make something awesome together.

Corporate Headquarters

18 Bridge Street
4th Floor Suite 4G,
Brooklyn, New York 11201
Call us: 858 217 5144
We are open from
Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

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