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Powzzle PowerPoint Presentation


Investment Pitch Deck

Powzzle is not your ordinary crossword puzzle. Powzzle bridges the gap between gaming, entertainment and social commerce. In Powzzle, players competing and cooperating each work on the same grid – they have different clues and improvement features and other elements, but the solution grid and the actual solutions are the same for all players – that’s what makes it work. They can actually be seeing the same “puzzle” and can be inserting answers on the same board that they are all trying to complete.

Crosswords have been around for decades and can look boring. It’s the usual black and white puzzle, but Powzzle has been turning this around. The game in itself is visually beautiful, and the presentation deck is stunning. SlideGenius has been deeply involved with Powzzle, developing not just their deck, but their logo and templates as well.

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